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NEEDS A HOME! means this installation is in the proposal phase and if you know any applicable art shows or events that this project would be good for, email me! PARTICIPANTS? is a project I’m seeking help from the community in creating!

Projects I’m working on (and some need your help!):

– it’s almost time for “How To ReDress: The Male”, so see the ReDress project entry & if you’d like to be a man participating in the next phase, let me know!

NEEDS A HOME! PARTICIPANTS? Lost Soles is a fun, living comic/soap opera story told by those one shoes you see by the side of the road, in parking lots,  castaways in the stage farce we call life. If you see a derelict cast-off shoe, snap a photo on your phone (or camera?) and email me! – one day, the shoe, and it’s untold story, will be memorialized in a sprawling photo community project.

NEEDS A HOME! An interactive installation of mixed media, oil/print paintings based on:
“It is a mistake to think that the state works within the boundaries of laws. The public does not obey laws. It obeys rules within the boundaries of a triangle, the first side of which is the law. But the triangle has two other sides: common sense and ethics.
”  – Moshe Feiglin

COMMISSIONS for portraits like the below piece in silkscreen & oil on canvas. For yourself or a gift, all I need is a photo- email me.

"Garden" - a portrait for Matt & Gwynne


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