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Please visit (& comment!) to see a recent etching I did for a print exchange about BP’s tar sands refinery on Lake Michigan (in Whiting, IN). It’s a process that affects the drinking water for millions of people, including Chicago, and BP doesn’t exactly have the best track record for environmental and safety precautions.Be sure to visit the Home page & see all the amazing work 18 artists did for the project! More info about this project and the refinery can be seen in the video on


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The Winds: Joplin, MO
silkscreen, oil and found objects on canvas, 2011

About this work:
“No one can escape the blight that rides on the wind. We can only pick up what nature has left us and begin again.”
This is the first of a series about the aftermath of natural disasters on the landscape of the “home” & the personal lives of those left behind. Plans for the series are pieces about Louisiana, Japan, Haiti, Indonesia & California.

Click the thumbnail to see a larger version filmstrip. All prints are for sale- email me for pricing and commissions.