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My portfolio has a new site! I clean up real nice so pay me a visit! Image


Please visit (& comment!) to see a recent etching I did for a print exchange about BP’s tar sands refinery on Lake Michigan (in Whiting, IN). It’s a process that affects the drinking water for millions of people, including Chicago, and BP doesn’t exactly have the best track record for environmental and safety precautions.Be sure to visit the Home page & see all the amazing work 18 artists did for the project! More info about this project and the refinery can be seen in the video on

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I got to work on 2 shows this Chicago summer- the Milwaukee Ave Arts Festival & BUILT Fest. As mentioned below, I curated a show for MAAF entitled “Calling Home” with some other printers. For the Built Festival, I volunteered with Spudnik Press & shared a storage container gallery with some awesome ladies- the CMYKittens.

With both experiences, I gained the greater realization how hard it is to make art events happen in Chicago and how much the community & the artists are responsible for pulling off these feats- volunteering hours of manpower & skill and pulling from their own coffers- to very little recognition. So, I’d like to take this space to say, thank you. What you do is amazing. What you do is important. It is more important than money, it is more important than a write up in Time Out or The Reader and it is more important than turnout, because there will always be a big chunk of the population who don’t get up & get out to see things. It’s their loss, so thank you for making it our gain.

Big ups to Tracy & the MAAF Team, Tristan for his continued work, all the volunteers who get down & dirty & all the attendees for taking the time to come out & support- we hope we made it as worthwhile for you as it was for us.

“Calling Home” Artists: Liz Born, Corinna Button, Elke Claus, Laura Collins, Miriam Leanne Dubinsky, Hattori Makiko, Michelle Mashon, Matthew Messmer, Jill Nahrstedt, Pablo Philips, Margaret Rogers, Mary Sea, Jennifer Stoneking-Stewart, Itow Takumi, Jen Thomas.

Sat. Aug. 7, 2010: Art on Track

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We circled the Loop for 5 hours on the Orange Line in trains converted into mobile art installation environments, each one with different artists and different approaches.
Our car featured work by Spudnik artists working as a team:

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How To Redress, an installation proposal and first project in exploring the idea of demographics, focus groups and marketing. For Redress, I screen printed dress patterns and recruited a few artsy women to repurpose/redesign/re-imagine them as an expression of themselves.

Participating Artists are: Megan Klawitter, Sanya Glisic, Lindsey Meyers, Marya Cormier, Rea Koukiou, Katie Nahas, Rachel Ginsberg, Leda Zawacki, Kat Simmons, Morgan Krauss, Kali Davidson, Michelle Mashon, Jaime Roche & Linda Solotaire.

exhibition history:

  • HELLO My Name Is… will be on view July 23-25, Friday 4-11pm and Sat/Sun Noon-11pm. This temporary exhibition is part of the 2010 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, at 2515 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago.
NEEDS A HOME! means this installation is in the proposal phase and if you know any applicable art shows or events that this project would be good for, email me! PARTICIPANTS? is a project I’m seeking help from the community in creating!

Projects I’m working on (and some need your help!):

– it’s almost time for “How To ReDress: The Male”, so see the ReDress project entry & if you’d like to be a man participating in the next phase, let me know!

NEEDS A HOME! PARTICIPANTS? Lost Soles is a fun, living comic/soap opera story told by those one shoes you see by the side of the road, in parking lots,  castaways in the stage farce we call life. If you see a derelict cast-off shoe, snap a photo on your phone (or camera?) and email me! – one day, the shoe, and it’s untold story, will be memorialized in a sprawling photo community project.

NEEDS A HOME! An interactive installation of mixed media, oil/print paintings based on:
“It is a mistake to think that the state works within the boundaries of laws. The public does not obey laws. It obeys rules within the boundaries of a triangle, the first side of which is the law. But the triangle has two other sides: common sense and ethics.
”  – Moshe Feiglin

COMMISSIONS for portraits like the below piece in silkscreen & oil on canvas. For yourself or a gift, all I need is a photo- email me.

"Garden" - a portrait for Matt & Gwynne

This site is more of a place for me to post my artwork for people to see and buy. BUT I will occasionally post about what’s going on with me artistically or really exciting upcoming art opportunities. Work for sale can also be found on

Currently, I am mostly a printmaker at Spudnik Press in Chicago ( and am planning more oil and watercolor work this year, as well as pursuing more opportunities for realizing installation & interactive work.

Michelle Mashon Artist Statement

Exhibition History and Artist Resume

Click the thumbnails to see larger versions. Installation work is some of my favorite- I’m always looking for opportunities and events where I can create them, so if you know of any please email me!

The newest installation I did was for Collaboraction’s Sketchbook X

“The Effect Of Water Lilies Is Boundless”, an interactive installation by Michelle Mashon & the Sketchbook X audience

“To explain the concepts of exponential growth, French children are told a story in which they imagine having a pond with water lily leaves floating on the surface. The lily population doubles in size every day and if left unchecked will smother the pond in 30 days, killing all the other living things in the water. Day after day the plant seems small and so it is decided to leave it to grow until it half-covers the pond, before cutting it back. They are then asked, on what day that will occur. This is revealed to be the 29th day, and then there will be just one day to save the pond.”

The installation grew each night of Sketchbook, with me adding a design to represent the audience members’ presence…

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Email me for freelance pricing and resume – paid gigs only please.